The top 5 reasons to hire a black accountant

Hiring a black accountant may sound like an unnecessary expense, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Here are 5 reasons you should hire a black accountant near you.

Black accountants understand the long racial history of this country

There are many reasons why one should hire a black accountant. The first reason being that the United States has a long history of being in need of representation. Going back to the early nineteenth century, black people confronted slavery and played a key role in our country’s economic development. These black people also contributed to the growth of the economy during Reconstruction and later with the civil rights movement. This has created a long and difficult racial history for black people. Black accountants understand that history. They understand that there was once a time when people of color weren’t allowed to work in certain types of jobs, and how we’re still fighting for equality and how we need to move forward and not stay stuck in the past.

Black accountants understand the black struggle and what it feels like to be marginalized. African Americans are still underrepresented in the accounting profession: Only 2% of CPAs are Black, according to the Journal of Accountancy. Because of this staggering fact, black accountants can relate to what you are going through. Black people are the minority race in the United States, but especially in the accounting field.

Black accountants understand your concerns and needs

When you have a black accountant, they can understand your needs and your concerns. Black accountants understand your concerns and needs because they are building a business just like you. They are accustomed to wearing the many hats of a business owner and can help guide you along your journey to grow your business. And because black accountants have a greater understanding of what the numbers are saying, they can help you manage your cash flow and increase your profits.

Black accountants help you build networking relationships

Black accountants like to build a network of like kind professionals. When you hire a black accountant, you are also getting access to their database of other black professionals inside and out of your local area. This will help you get to connect with other black professionals for services that will allow your business to flourish in other ways. After all, the best connections are connections with people who are like you.

Black accountants are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people in their communities

Because black accountants understand the importance of giving back to their communities, you can often find them volunteering their time and services to organization that may need financial assistance thru literacy or even helping with accounting or tax preparation services.  Black accountants sit on the boards of non-profit organizations, set up scholarship funds for the next generation of accounting students, and even teach accounting concepts to their neighboring business owners.   

Black accountants help increase internal awareness and equality

Hiring a black accountant is not only a smart business move, but a moral one as well. When a company hires a black accountant, it sends a message to everyone in the organization that being diverse isn’t just OK, but it’s what’s best for business. Hiring a black accountant gives business owners the opportunity to invest in the black community and make a commitment to creating a racially equitable organization. Statistically, organizations that are diverse in nature have proven to outperform their competition by 36% in profitability.

In conclusion, black accountants are known for their analytic skills, leadership, and how they help businesses succeed. Black accountants make up for 10% of the accounting workforce in the United States, and they also make up for 83% of the revenue in the profession. So if you’re looking for a great accountant, then you’ll want to consider a black accountant.


Black.Accountants is an online directory of Black accounting and tax professionals who specialize in accounting, tax, consulting, and bookkeeping services. This website was created to promote these professionals to potential customers by connecting them to the needs of our community.


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